14 Dec 2012 г.
Valery Gergiev on his LSO journey and his new opera house
Valery Gergiev talks to Classic FM about his tour with the LSO, his new opera house in St. Petersburg and also how his relationship with the LSO has changed over the years.
05 Aug 2012 г.
Valery Gergiev: Power player (The Independent)
The maestro tells Andrew Stewart about his passion for Slavic culture – and Putin
11 May 2012 г.
Valery Gergiev: why Igor Stravinsky was Russian to the core - interview (The Telegraph)
Stravinsky may have left his homeland, but, says Valery Gergiev, the composer’s homeland never left him. On the eve of a celebratory concert series, the conductor talks to Ivan Hewett
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