Sveshnikov Boys Choir of the Moscow Choral School

Boys Choir is the oldest of all the Academy’s ensembles. It was created in 1944 by the famous Russian musician A.V. Sveshnikov who founded the Moscow Boys Choral School. Over the years the sound of the choir became a benchmark of high art.

The history of the Boys Choir is connected with famous names and events. For 65 years the Choral School had educated about five hundred musicians who have made a great contribution to the cultural development of our country. Among these: conductors - A.Yurlov, V.Minin, B.Kulikov, E.Tytyanko, I.Raevsky, L.Nikolaev, E.Serov, composers - R.Shchedrin, A.Flyarkovsky, R.Boyko, V.Agafonnikov, V.Kikta , E.Artemev, singers - M.Nikiforov, V.Grivnov, D.Korchak, V.Ladyuk.

Prokofiev and Shostakovich wrote music for the choir inspired by the sound of children's voices. The famous conductors such as N.Golovanov, E.Mravinsky, S.Samosud, K.Kondrashin performed with the choir, Z.Doluhanova, I.Petrov, I.Arkhipova, I.Kozlovsky always willingly sang with the choir.

After a magnificent uprise in the first two decades in the life of the choir a lull became. Then A.V. Sveshnikov’s student, a master of choral art V.S. Popov took the lead in the ensemble which experiences a new creative ascent in the 70s.

With the creation of the Academy of Choral Arts the Boys Choir became the part of the Academy Choir and at the same time it remained the independent creative ensemble.

Nowadays the Sveshnikov Boys Choir of the Moscow Choral School continues an intensive creative activity. The ensemble collaborates with such famous conductors as V.Fedoseev, M.Pletnev, V.Spivakov, and others. The Boys Choir regularly gives solo concerts both in Russia and abroad.

The Honoured Artist of Russia Alexander Shishonkov and Andrey Gerasimenko lead the Choir.

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